Thursday, 17 January 2013

Two concepts fixed in one post

Howdy everyone yeah last Sunday at 12am this site hit 9000 views I had to post a pic of Vegeta from Dragonball Z saying "It's over 9000!" just for fun that's all.
Two concepts I made that I decide to give a little update well more like a fonts change and that's all so here we go.

Sarina Sting
On the first Sting concept I said the number fonts was standard block with pointy ends after I put the "Sarina Sting Concepts" title in Demonized font I felt that it would look better using that for the numbers and so I did, it took me a while sizing the sucker down to the same size as normal size number after that the concept look more complete so hopefully throw the detail text on this concept and it's ready for HJC.
HJC Feedback
BNG Feedback 

Sudbury Wolves
 Two months ago I made this concept witch this one was the reason for me to do all other OHL teams. However at HJC a poster like my concept and compliment my text with the concept, but he felt that standard fonts would fit this concept better and boy how he was right after I change the fonts on the number it look alot better then I was expecting it, however I'm keeping the Ducks Fonts on the NOB I really find it more fitting to me.

So that's my post for this week hopefully you all have a good week.

Until then
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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