Monday, 17 September 2012

AJH HJA Updates: Lockout Edition

Hello everyone and yes it's true the NHL is officially  "LOCKOUT!" great job you guys congrats not just to Bettman but to the Owners and the Players who couldn't agreed on anything hope you all are happy because myself and every other hockey fans around the world are not.

My Jets projects is going along good, after 6 votes total (a new record) 3 people said I should use the Navy Blue on the jet word mark while both Red and Royal Blue will be decals on the jet, and I will be using it on my concept both home, road, and 3rd.

Now remember I said I will not send any of my concepts over at HJC? Well yes indeed I haven't send any of my concepts over at HJC, except I have been sending some of my concepts over at Hockey Concepts, News & More, and Hockey Uniform Concepts {HUC} just in case of me not sending any concepts of my over to HJC drive me crazy, these two site are very good at giving good feedbacks on my concepts, if you're one of those concept artist out there that don't want to wait for 3 week to get any feedback on your concepts, or you're unsure about what kind of feedback you're getting from HJC then I believe you should check those two sites find there E-mail address and send your concepts with your explanation about your concepts so you know if you're ready to send it to HJC or do some tweaks on your concepts.

As speaking for HJC I would like to say Congratulation to Ryan the founder of Hockey Jerseys Concepts on becoming a Dad hopefully he won't go through the pain as a Leafs fan as his dad hahaha.

Now on to the big news for the first time ever I'm doing a "AHL affiliate fantasy week" witch mean I picked a current AHL city and choose 5 NHL team to see what if a current AHL city would affiliate with a different NHL team, will guess what phase 1 of me making 5 fantasy AHL teams is done, now on to phase 2 put descriptions with my concepts on it and hopefully by late September or early October I will have them post from Monday to Friday, you'll have to wait until maybe the day before for me to tell you what AHL city that I "fantasyrized" for that week.

As far as blogs go, I'm almost done with my Top 5s on hockey video games of all-time, and maybe depends on my mood is in, my rants about my town of Chatham and hockey, my thoughts on my Jr B Maroons new Jerseys, and more likely a far fetch thing, my thoughts on Jr C teams Jerseys in Chatham-Kent.

That pretty much covers everything for now everyone.

Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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