Saturday, 11 August 2012

Two things became one, and the Quest for Redemption

Over 1 year ago there was a contest from Rick Gear that caught my eye on, but the problem is I got no idea on witch template to go with, but then I decide to make my very own by merging this template and this together with adding some few stuff in it of my own into the "Pew Pew Laser" concept and (to my opinion) the most underrated template I’ve ever made, sadly it didn’t become a winner but however this template would bring something big in the future, and thus it did around the time the Jets was official in ink as the Winnipeg’s new name I got on my computer and reopen the same template that I used for the Rick Gear contest as I gave some tweaks here and there, to comparing to the teams official color to my, but there’s one thing missing and that is a crest the Jets current crest was O.K. but I felt like the crest won’t fit the template to my taste, so I made a Jets crest around the same time the Jets crest was reviled, how the Logo was made you ask? Well let’s just say I went to the next logical thing for inspiration creative idea, check out my Transformers Collection! Mostly jets transformers from Jetfire, to Starscream (I got lots of Starscream figures LOL) just looking at one of them that could be the right shape for the Crest add a maple leaf and the letter “W” on it and “Ta-da” my Logo, the feedback on it from HJC was O.K. but nothing over the top, as months went by on September 6th the Jets jerseys was reviled and I know from the top of my head I said to myself “this is not going to be easy!” so I decide to change the logo a little, O.K. alot! So I replaced the maple leaf and the “W” with the word “JETS” in front of the jet throw some tweaks here and there, and throw the new crest on to my template together and here it is my Winnipeg Jets concept. I did have very good feedback on the concepts from HJC, but it was against other concept that was better than my it was very tough to keep my head up high that I know “YES” you made a very good concept, and yes indeed someone else’s concept was the better one on that day. Well days ago I look through some of my old concepts that I made over a year, yeah it been over a year but its years to me the way time flies by, every time I look at my Jets concept that feel of defeat still hits me, yeah of course I admitted I’m still bitter about it, but the more I think about it, the more I want this concept to redeem itself witch I decided to “update” my Jets Concept! I gave my Jets jersey template some tweaks on it to make it something I like while keep it Reebok standards, but the only problem is the crest that right my logo, I made some color changes, I change the jet colors from silver and royal blue to silver and grey as for the word mark and decal on the jet I’m a little stuck on I can’t decide on witch one of the 3 colors to use as the main color on the crest while the 2 other colors will be for the decal on the jet I got here to see which one is the best to complete the Concept, the first the main color is Royal Blue, the second one Red, and the third is Navy Blue. The Poll is up on the corner of this page to vote or comment down below the page, whatever floats your boat.
Here's my last years Crest to compere

Until then that’s all for now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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