Sunday, 15 July 2012

New Logos from 3 Minor League Teams Rant (warning: my own opinion on this stuff!)

Hi everybody and once again this is another blog rant by me, but before the rant I want to info you guys on things on my blogger page so here we go.

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Well I decide to end my Hidden Treasure by posting all of them within 4 days (2 posts per day!) so that’s going to end that little feature on my blogger page.

As you see on the side of the page it’s indeed true I got my own Twitter page, just like everyone else who their own twitter page, now asking myself to make a Facebook page that to me got procrastination written all over, but hey who knows maybe I’ll make a Facebook page, time will tell.

Now with that taking care of, time for a rant! when there’s reports about teams changing from their looks on their jerseys, to their logos, to even image itself usually is the NHL, but when it comes to minor leagues and their logos it go two ways, one it would be a “upgrade” from their previous look, or a “downgrade” from their previous look, there are three minor league team that change their looks for the 2012-13 season, they are the Syracuse Crunch from the AHL, the Las Vegas Wranglers from the ECHL (East Coast Hockey League), and the Pensacola Ice Flyers from the SPHL (Southern Professional Hockey League), so I decide to give my thoughts on these three teams new logos.

The Syracuse Crunch new logo was to everyone a downgrade; I said it’s an upgrade to me I mean look at their old logos from 1999-2000 to 2011-2012 and you try to tell me their new logo is a downgrade, the logo is update version of their old 1994-95 to 1998-99 logo, it has a very sharp look to it, yes it look like a Power Ranger but really it’s a Superhero known as “Crunchman” that has their affiliate team the Lightning feel to it witch really a good logo, hey it could be worse they could have this as their main logo!

The Las Vegas Wranglers my oh my how the mighty has fallen they one of bestlogos in the ECHL to a very dull logo, I mean really people? Really? it is Jason with a cowboy hat? or its Freddy wearing Jason’s mask as a trophy, ether way it’s a big downgrade to me I mean they had one of the best logos that really fits the city of Las Vegas so well and this show up and it ruins the whole cowboys in Vegas theme, I’m really disappointed.

And last the Pensacola Ice Flyers they called their new logo an upgrade, I call it a comeback take a look their logos in SPHL and ECHL (back then they were the Ice Pilots) they had some ups and downs with their look but their new one has to be the best one yet to this date and their jerseys, the Home and the Road jerseys are good, but the Alternate meh could’ve been better so overall a solid look for this team.

Well that’s my rant hopefully in the future I’ll try to keep my rant post to minimum and post some more concepts, I got a crazy idea concepts for bunch of AHL cities so stay tune for that (if I get to it soon LOL) until then.

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