Wednesday, 20 June 2012

HJC Open, Dallas Stars, Fonts, Oh My! (Warning: May contain bad spelling!)

Well due to me working last night at my job, I missed the boat to HJC Open and I was bummed out and mostly misjudged it because I didn't expect the entry to fill up that quick, but you know it goes to show how these people are hungry in wanting to win a contest like these, I mean these concept artist out there got something that I rarely show and that's the will, and the drive to keep sending there work out there and I respect that no matter what.  Well except the one that steal logos from someone else work that's whole different story.

[Dallas Stars Concept by Me]

 This is the Dallas Star 3rd Jersey concept.
I pretty much made simple with some tweaks on it, I changed the fonts on the Stars main crest with Kroftsmann with two different gold on it, Green is the main color with gold and a little black on the arm stripes and hem with stripes on the yokes, and put the Secondary Logo on the arm stripe, and the numbers and the NOB are also Kroftsmann fonts with some tweaks by me.

if you want the Kroftsmann font or any other fonts the best bet to go to is they have all kinds of fonts.

Here's the Numbers and letters with Kroftsmann font that I add trims on it.
The Kroftsmann font is made by Abdulmakesfonts from

So I've been seeing every other people asking other concept artist to send there concepts to them, so I decide to give it a shot if you got a concept send a e-mail of your concept to me and I'll post it on here with my thoughts on it, give you heads up on miss spots on it and "blah, blah, blah" all that other stuff bloggers say things like always (LOL), and if you have your own Blogger page or any other web page send it to me and I'll post it on my page too.
my e-mail is ""

Until then that's all for now.
Just Maybe?

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