Sunday, 13 May 2012

2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Pickz [round 3]

Well just last night game 7 is in the books so on to Round 3

[1] New York Rangers vs. [6] New Jersey
NYR: They didn’t beat the Caps in six, but at least they beat them [thank god]
NJ: They didn’t let the Flyers get into their heads and play their game right to win the series.
Overall: it’s the Battle of the Hudson River series once again.
Final thought: It’s a tough call on this one but I believe that the Rangers got this series, but it won’t be easy.
My Pick: Rangers beats the Devils 4-3

[3] Phoenix vs. [8] Los Angeles
PHX: The yotes did the unthinkable they’re in the 3rd round for the first time in the team’s history *sigh* nuff said.
LA: Just like there series with the Canucks the Kings played there “A” game and beat the Blues in 4 games. I’m shocked!
Overall: Last year it was “who’s going to draw the first choke?” now this year is “who’s going to draw the first Troll?”
Final thought: Despite with some of their good players are being injured to being suspended, despite they got somewhat of a new owner, and despite they’re up against a team that got their “A” game groove going but I hate to say it, but I think that Gary Bettman dream of seeing the Coyotes being the “Best Team” will come true, sadly enough.
My Pick: Coyotes beats the Kings 4-2

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