Sunday, 26 February 2012

2 Big Plans and My thoughts on Jersey Watch 2012 rumors

O.K. ever since I did Goofy's Hockey Homicide Concept, I been procrastinating myself on doing some non hockey team concepts you know like Cartoons, Comics, and etc.
So far I only made 1 concept, well I would have like 6 but 5 of them end up being a Hockey team, or put aside for many reasons so I'm still working on that but chances are I'm going to end up putting these plans aside, but who knows.
The 2nd big plan I had in mind is pretty much something that hit me ever since I start using Photobucket site again, I found some of my old concepts one of those concepts I did when I was like 16 but most of them are concepts I made when the NHL 2004-05 season cancelled, well all of my concepts are Non Hockey teams it's pretty much Power Rangers and my old Fanfic league that I use to do for my pass time when I'm not working, or going school, or playing sports, so I decide to share some of my work to all of you people, hopefully that I can explain the concepts enough for you people to understand if not, Well I tried, Just a fair warning for you people these concepts are only fronts only that means only just the front of the jerseys no back of the jerseys, no TV numbers, no Names on the Back, just the fronts and crests that's all, it'll be titled "Hidden Treasure".

Now with that out of the way, I just read a blog from icethetics on rumors of uniforms changes for 2012-13 season, so here are my thoughts on this big NHL Jersey Watch 2012 rumors with each teams that are going to add, and/or change their looks so here we go.

Buffalo Sabres going Black?
Buffalo had wore black uniforms before, but black 3rd? Me don't like why? Because their current 3rd looks good to me as a long-term 3rd, but we'll see if they play their cards right otherwise it'll be the Islanders fail all over again!

Chicago Blackhawks bringing back classic 3rd?
Blackhawks management if this is true that you guys are bringing back the very 3rd jersey from 2008, I say this is a "SMART MOVE" no really this is the best move ever I mean I'm one of those jersey collector nut that want this jersey so bad, but was heartbroken when they replaced them with their winter classic now don't get me wrong the WC jersey are good, but their 3rd from 2008 was way better in my opinion.

Dallas Stars Green 3rd rise back up again.
First their 3rd jersey rumor was big until they reviled a white 3rd that tick alot of people off in a big way, the 2nd rumor was pretty big until the Ownership saga killed it, but I can say that this 3rd rumor could be the charm to make it a real deal for every fans for the long awaiting Green 3rd.

Detroit Toronto Winter Classic Jersey.
Let's look at it this way, if you go on and look at both the Wings and the Leafs uniforms because it'll be hard to give ideas on what would they going or should wear for their Winter Classic match up, well just for the Wings because their uniforms is pretty much the same but for the Leafs, I'm hoping that they would wear their 1967 white jersey and that's all.

Oilers and Panthers dropping their 3rds for good.
The Oilers finally getting rid of their failed uniform they had since 2007-08 season I thought I was tortured big time until they brought in a classic 3rd jersey witch it became a full time home jersey, ever since they presents there new road uniform it won't be long for putting the last nail in the coffin for that Half strip 3rd.
The Panthers 3rd is big bad failed big time, their jersey is dumb but the only thing that their 3rd was good is their main crest it look good for being a 3rd, but the jersey itself sucked, I mean they try to be old school but it just doesn't fit them at all.

Tampa's new 3rd to be Black?
Let's face it when I saw their new look last year it was a nightmare, blue really Tampa Really? You guy had the nerve to get of the very identity that made you a good team.
If this new 3rd is black is for real, I hope that your fans demands it to be the new home uniform to replace the current blue home in the future, hey it did wonders for the Oilers.

Winnipeg getting a 3rd?
Yup you read it right, rumors are the Jets are planning on getting a 3rd jersey for 2012-13 seasons witch it's going to be intrusting, I mean their current Home and Road they got right now are cool and more updated in fact I own their home jersey and planning on getting their road soon, whatever it's retro style or more update I can tell you is that I just can't wait for it to happen and once it dose I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

So that's my thoughts on the rumors so far, I'll have to wait for any more rumors in the future, but the 2 things I wish for and that is the Penguins changing their Home and Roads, and the Wild going back to their old uniforms from their early days and that's the rumors I want to happen, but time will tell

Well that's all for now.
Just Maybe?
Just Enjoy!

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