Friday, 4 October 2013

A "Monster" Mystery Solved!

If you all went on Twitter this past week, you'll see some tweets made by me about the Lake Erie Monsters shoulder patch that I thought it was new for this year, but it's not! Let me give you the scoop.
Last Sunday myself and my brother in law went to a AHL pre-season game at the WFCU centre in Windsor, and let me tell you it gave me a thought in my mind and questioned "Why there's no AHL team in southwest Ontario?" But beside that it was fast, smooth, and a good game for being a pre-season game. It was during the game, one of the players from the Monsters was in the penalty box, and I took a good look at the jersey, on one side is the Avalanche logo to show they're affiliate team, on the other side I thought it was their "M" logo, instead it has "CLE" on it. I point it out on Twitter about this and nothing, so I did some research on this from Sport logos site, to Icethetics (my bible), to even the teams site and came up empty so I decide to post this picture that I took a snap of it on twitter. The next day a person respond to my tweet and told me it was their new logo from last year, at first I felt silly, but I had the right to be silly mainly the "CLE" logo from far away looks just like their "M" logo and that threw me off, in a good way. Well this Monster mystery is solved! But now I'm waiting for the logo to be posted on any site soon.

Until then later.

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